Self-Paced Courses

Sometimes you want to take a course, but it is difficult to make your calendar fit around the times classes are offered. Our Self-Paced courses are the perfect solution. These self-contained online courses can be taken any time you like. And you can take all the time you need to complete them. Each course is made up of a unique set of components, but some of the things you may see are:

  • Video presentations, where you can see the professor as well as the presentation
  • Reading assignments
  • Other homework and tasks to perform, such as trying to find certain records or perform certain tasks on websites.
  • Quizzes to review your knowledge, with specific feedback for incorrect answers to help you better understand the subjects

The length of the courses varies. Course descriptions will tell you what the average time investment is to complete that course. You get to choose whether you plow through it all at once, or stretch it out over a period of time. Some courses are shorter versions of our Masterclasses, others are entirely unique. Your course—your choice.

Current Offerings:

Probing Your Pedigree: Are They Your Ancestors?
Reading and Understanding 18th- and 19th-Century American Documents