Genealogy MasterClasses

Our Genealogy Masterclasses set a new standard for online genealogy learning. These high-intensity courses explore topics in depth. These courses are a combination of self-study and online classroom experience, much like you find in college and university environments today. Each of our Masterclasses is created with a unique set of components. Professors have put together detailed coursework that involves the same recorded presentations, reading, assignments, and testing as our Self-Paced Courses. In addition these, our Masterclasses may also feature:

  • Small group work.
  • More complex homework assignments.
  • Live, interactive online classrooms where students interact with each other as well as with the professor.
  • One-on-one video consultations with the professor to discuss individual questions. The consultations are recorded and a copy is provided to the student for future reference.

No new MasterClasses are currently scheduled. Keep checking back.