Genealogy Professor offers multiple methods for learning, teaching our students the best methods and techniques for researching their family history.

Genealogy MasterClasses
Our Genealogy Masterclasses are the highest caliber of online learning available in the industry. Using the latest technology, our instructors go in-depth on topics. Class sizes are limited to encourage greater participation by all students.

Self-Paced Courses
Our Self-Paced courses are include all the tools you need to study the subjects independently, moving as quickly or slowly as you wish. 

Among the different ways students may learn are:

  • Activities
    • These include working with the student’s own research, online exercises, writing, and more.
  • Homework (Masterclasses Only)
    • Students enrolled in Masterclasses will get homework assignments that are reviewed by the instructor, who provides personal feedback for each student.
  • Live Classrooms (Masterclasses Only)
    • Students will meet regularly in online classrooms for presentations, discussions, and review of assignments.
  • Quizzes
    • These brief tests measure knowledge retention for all of the various components of the course.
  • Reading Assignments
    • These may be handouts provided in the course or materials available online for free at various websites. Masterclasses will often have texts that must be purchased for the class.
  • Recorded Presentations
    • Unlike webinars and other online presentations where the slides are narrated by a disembodied voice, our classes show both the presenter and the slides.
  • Videos
    • In addition to presentations by the instructor, there may be other videos to watch. These may be interviews with professional genealogists, historians, or other qualified individuals. They may also be how-to-videos demonstrating way to perform certain activities.

No matter what kind of course is taken, students will receive a certificate of completion once they have fulfilled the course requirements. Prices vary according to the length and intensity of the course.