Welcome to 2022

Covid and family situations have kept us apart for far too long. I’m pleased to tell you that there are exciting plans for 2022. I hope you’ll check back often for a variety of opportunities in the coming year. Happy New Year to you all!

Michael on Genealogy Connection

I recently had the pleasure of once again being interviewed by Drew Smith, one of the Genealogy Guys, for the Genealogy Connection podcast. We had an enjoyable time discussing the Benjamin Franklin genealogy project. We talked about English research, project management, and the first volume itself. You can listen to my interview now on the … Read more

Update on New RootsMagic 8

RootsMagic is one of the best pieces of genealogical software available. Bruce Buzbee and his team have been working incredibly hard to finish the major update to version 8 of the software. And today he made a big announcement about the new version. There are so many moving parts to deal with when developing software. … Read more

Announcing Benjamin Franklin’s Family, Volume 1:English Ancestors

Benjamin Franklin’s Family is a decades-long project to document the family of noted Revolutionary War patriot Benjamin Franklin. The first book in this multi-part series, Volume 1: English Ancestors, can now be purchased at Amazon for $25.99. This volume documents the history of the Franklin ancestors in England. The surname Franklin is a common one … Read more

Researching Our LGBT Ancestors

As we celebrate 50 years since the Stonewall Riots, this year’s LGBTQ Pride Month is more significant than ever. It is a well-established fact that ever since there have been humans on the earth, there have been LGBTQ people. Noted historian John Boswell traced our history from our unions in Greco-Roman times to the Church-sanctified … Read more

The Reluctant DNA Match

We’ve all been there. You open up your account and see new DNA matches. You find one that is relatively close. You excitedly jot off a note, explaining who you are, what you believe the relationship is (if you know it) or how you might be related, and your willingness to share information. Then you … Read more

Time Will Not Dim the Glory Of their Deeds

Once again Memorial Day is upon us. It is one of three days each year in the United States that we honor military service: Armed Forces DayCelebrated last Saturday, this day is marked annually on the third Saturday of May. This is the day that we celebrate and express gratitude to those currently serving in … Read more

What is a Family History Center?

I’m often asked what a Family History Center is. Many believe that this is just a generic term for a facility that has resources for family history. It is actually a term for a very specific facility, run by FamilySearch.  Many people are familiar with the FamilySearch website, but are less familiar with the physical … Read more