My SAR Journey

Aside from family associations, French-Canadians do not have a large number of lineage societies. Part of that may come from the fact that, compared to the United States, Canada has a relatively peaceful history. Thus there are few opportunities for those of us of French-Canadian descent to join one of these groups. Recently, however, this full-blooded Franco-American started the process of completing an application to join the Sons of the American Revolution. I did this even though all of my eighteenth-century ancestors during the Revolutionary War period were French-Canadian, born and living in Québec.

Although they don’t know it, many French-Canadians are eligible to join the Sons of the American Revolution, Sons of the Revolution, and Daughters of the American Revolution. The time period around the Revolutionary War was complex. The Battle of the Plains of Abraham had taken place only a decade earlier. After centuries of war, many French-Canadians were not happy to now be ruled by the English. So it is not surprising to discover that a number of French-Canadians sided with the Americans. 

Thus begins my journey to become a member of SAR. To de-mystify the process for other Franco-Americans, I will be writing a series of posts documenting my journey. I look forward to sharing my story, hopefully encouraging others to think about honoring their ancestors in the same way. 

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