Client Communications for Professional Genealogists

Writing client reports is often a challenge for even the most seasoned professional genealogist. Distilling the records and research process into a coherent report that the client can thoroughly understand has only gotten more complex with the greater availability of records in a variety of formats. This course is for professionals and those who are transitioning to become professionals. We will focus on various methods of client communications from emails and message to traditional report writing to more modern communication methods.

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Michael J. LeclercCG  will use his decades of experience as a professional genealogist to share various methods of effective client communications with students to leave them by the end of the course with a variety of tools, including messaging, letter writing, formal report writing, and more modern methods of communication.

Students will gather three times for live online classes with interactive discussions.  Assignments are given the at each of the first two meetings, and are due a week before the following live classroom. Each of the second two meetings wills start with a review and discussion of those assignments before moving on to the next topics.

Course Outline

First Class

  • Setting Expectations: Client Contracts
  • Emails, Texts, and Messages
  • Simple Projects, Short Reports

Assignment: Case studies and writing two short reports.

Second Class

  • Review of Short Report
  • Formal vs. Informal Reports
  • Report Components
  • Layout and Design
  • Writing Style

Assignment: Case study and writing formal report.

Third Class

  • Review of Formal Report
  • Communications for Today and Tomorrow
  • Organizing and Preserving Communications
  • Wrap Up and Next Steps

Live online classrooms for this session will be held on three Tuesday evenings at 8 p.m. Eastern time: February 28, March 21, and April 11.