Getting Started

Here are some free forms to help you get started with your research. These forms are very helpful, especially before spending any money on a genealogy database program.


Standard Practices for all forms, databases, etc.
Women should always be entered by their maiden names. Dates are recorded as Day Month Year (not the American Month Day Year). Months are always spelled out fully to avoid confusion, thus: 10 April 1914. Places, wherever possible, should include town, county, state/province: Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.


Pedigree Chart
You are person number 1. Your father is person 2 and mother person 3. When you need to continue, start a new chart. Chart 2 should start with Person 8, Chart 3 with person 9, etc. Put your name and the date you made the chart in the appropriate places.


Cross reference the person number and chart number from your pedigree chart. Be certain to include the source of your information. Invariably you will find conflicting information and will have to return to check it again.


Fill out all the details in teh log. Keeping track of the sources you search will make life much easier, especially going forward. You don’t want to have to repeat research because you didn’t remember that you already checked something. It is also useful prior to use a log to record the databases, books, etc., you will consult prior to visiting a library or website. That way you can go startight to what ou are seeking and can record a brief summary of your findings.