MC Effective Research and Reporting

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In these days of online databases and family trees, we are often tempted to take findings for granted. Experienced genealogists, however, understand that it is important to go back to the original sources and review the evidence to achieve the most accurate conclusions. Just as important is writing our analysis and documenting our results. All too often the way we link generations does not fit into a simple box of date and place with a single document to prove the link.

Led by Michael J. Leclerc, CG, students will get practical experience in effective methods of research and reporting. The process of analyzing original documents is critical to research success. Reporting is important not just for professionals and their clients. Every genealogist should have the tools to write reports to their own files that can be referenced in the future to understand how we came to our conclusions. This course takes us through the process of researching, analyzing, and creating file reports. Those who are interested in accreditation or certification may find this course helpful. Documents will be assigned to students, so there will be no conflict with applications.

  • Live video classrooms with student participation
  • Limited class size for maximum interaction
  • Personalized feedback on homework assignments
  • One-on-one coaching time with the professor

Those who complete the entire course, participate in discussions, and complete all assignments will receive a Certificate of Completion.


Course Outline

Month One

Welcome and Introduction


  • Documents Intro
  • Transcribing and Abstracting
  • Creating Research Plans


  • Transcribe and abstract assigned document;
  • Create research plan using only the information from transcription.


Month Two


  • Transcriptions and abstractions
  • Research plans


  • Research Logs
  • Research Process


  • Conduct research and analysis following the research plan.

Research and analysis will be subject to specific instructions (timeframe, etc.).


Month Three


  • Research experience


  • Writing reports for personal files or clients


  • Write a report based on research and analysis within a specified timeframe.


Month Four


  • Review reports.


  • Wrap up and final review of course concepts

Next steps

The Live Classrooms for this session will be held on four Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. Eastern time: 9 January, 6 February, 6 March, and 3 April 2018. Live Classrooms will be recorded for later review in the event a student must miss a session. Because of the participatory and interactive nature of this class, those who miss more than one Live Classroom may not be eligible for the Certificate of Completion.

Students should be Intermediate to Advanced researchers. They should have a sound understanding of good research principles, as well as general methodology and sources.