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5 Reasons Why Cyndi’s List is Better Than Google

In today’s world, Google has replaced many things. Instead of turning to a dictionary or encyclopedia, we often first turn on our computer and hop on a search engine (most frequently Google). While this can be helpful, it isn’t always necessarily the best and easiest way to find what we are seeking quickly. For genealogical…
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Title page of Benjamin Church article in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register.

Trust But Verify: The Story of Dr. Benjamin Church’s Family

Family historians utilize a large number of sources for our research. This includes compilations as well as original records. We must read all of these carefully and critically in order to reach properly supported conclusions. This includes published information on major historical figures as well as average everyday people, and works by well-known individuals as…
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White Slaves, African Masters, book cover.

African Captors and White Captives: Flipping the Story on Slavery

When Americans discuss slavery, we usually think of the white people who enslaved Africans and African-Americans. The more knowledgeable include Native Americans and other people of color who were also enslaved by whites. But slavery also worked in other directions. For example, whites who were captured and enslaved by Africans. Those travelling on ships near…
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George N. Parks

Ten Things Marching Band Taught Me About Genealogy

Six years ago today, we lost a man who touched the lives of thousands of young men and women. George N. Parks had the innate ability to see the good in everyone, and to inspire them to do their best; to learn from their mistakes and do even better next time. I first met him…
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James Franklin, Sr. family tree at

Reviewing Your Sources and Conclusions

More and more individuals are sharing their research through online family trees . . . errors are more easily missed and absorbed into our personal pedigrees, wreaking havoc with our true ancestry.