Month: February 2019

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My SAR Journey: The Beginning

Aside from family associations, French-Canadians do not have a large number of lineage societies. Part of that may come from the fact that, compared to the United States, Canada has a relatively peaceful history. Thus there are few opportunities for those of us of French-Canadian descent to join one of these groups. Recently, however, this…
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Early twentieth-century obituaries.

Have You Written Your Obituary Yet?

Genealogists are obsessed with finding our family’s stories. We spend countless hours combing through records, attempting to recreate our ancestors’ lives. If we’re lucky we find letters or diaries that give us an insight into who our ancestors were. Unfortunately, it is all too often the case that there is no surviving correspondence or diary.…
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Front cover of Spell it Out!

Understanding English

You never know when you are going to bump into a valuable resource for your research. When I was in London a few years ago, I was researching at the British Library. While waiting for a friend, I was perusing the gift shop and found a wonderful book that has proven very important to me.…
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Underwater image of the remains of one of the drowned towns.

Extinct Localities

Locations play an important role in researching our ancestors. Knowing where our ancestors lived directs us to places to find the records that document their lives. While these locations are often easy to identify, it is important to research the area. Because you might find yourself in a situation where, to paraphrase The Princess Bride,…
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